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              *Bean Pot Recipes*

 These recipes are exclusively for use with our Celebrating Home Bean Pots. They have been shared by Celebrating Home Designers across the country. I, along with several of my family members, hostesses and customers love the Celebrating Home Bean Pots and cook in them several times a week!  All of these recipes are easy, delicious and are designed to allow you more time to spend with those you love. The Bean Pots wipe clean so easily! Try out some of these recipes, or develop your own...just be sure to share your new recipes with the rest of us!
  Recipes will be updated and more will be added regularly, so check back often! Enjoy trying these yummy recipes. Please share your feedback with us on the Testimonials Page!
Celebrating each of you,
Ondria Witt, Star Designer
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New recipes added 10/07/10
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